Tuesday, March 4, 2008


For Immediate Release – Native Cleveland, Ohio artists Rick Sans and Sergio Andujar have teamed up and are now the proud designers of a new and exciting clothing line called Sans Oceana – meaning with or without water. Incorporating street art style with cultural undertones, Sans Oceana is the newest creation in art and wear.

While working in retail Sans and Andujar came up with the idea of incorporating graffiti and fashion into one brand. In 2005 Sans Oceana was implemented and a few months later it all hit true to Sans and Andujar as they received various endorsements from many including nationally acclaimed DJ’s and promoters which gave Sans Oceana the credibility needed making the clothes available in various boutiques around the nation.

Rick Sans grew up in a military family, spending part of his childhood near Lake Erie and the ocean. His aquatic themes and conscious reflects in the Sans Oceana line. “Pursuing a life of art with a sense of business has its challenges,” says Sans, “but it’s very fulfilling.”

Andujar has years of experience in the art industry and is currently working toward a degree in animation. He is heavily influenced by Japanese, Hawaiian and Hispanic culture, with a main focus on water. “Water is the basic element of life.” he says. “No matter what state it is in, its composition remains the same. I too am constantly changing, hard as ice, soft as gas, or just liquid. I am always finding the path to move forward.”

Sans Oceana is already being hailed as one of the most innovative in the industry with creative prints and exotic colors. Sans Oceana is a line that’s here to stay for generations to come and destined to become the next international fashion name! For more information visit www.sansoceana.com.

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