Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Boca Raton, FL ― Foodbox.com is the latest business idea to hit south Florida that is taking the convenience of the technology age to the next level. With Foodbox, ordering take-out has never been easier and now the team is in search of a few driven, business-minded individuals interested in making the most of this incredible concept. Foodbox.com is seemingly tailor-made for the up-and-coming generation of recent college graduates with keen computer and internet knowledge, ready to gain real-life experience by getting the chance to run their own business.

The superior technology and software involved in Foodbox.com is certainly enough to get this business off the ground, but it’s the service provided to a busy, on-the-go customer base that puts Foodbox.com in the position for success. Lewis Lurie, founder and creator of Foodbox believes that the online meal delivery service presents the perfect business opportunity, especially for the young, ambitious college graduate with an entrepreneurial spirit and technological know-how.

The proposed concept is simple: partnering with restaurants within a set territory, based on zip code, and providing a no-fuss/no-hassle, convenient online take-out system. Ideal for the workplace or for busy parents who need quick and easy mealtime ideas, the Foodbox.com platform is based on providing an effective, user-friendly service to consumers which, in turn, creates the perfect opportunity for success for potential franchisees.

The completely turn-key business model, paired with the convenience of working virtually from a home office, allows franchisees to take part in the next exciting step - growing Foodbox territories exponentially throughout the country over the next few years.

After taking the first few easy steps to determine whether or not Foodbox is the right fit for the possible franchisee, the company then offers the franchisee a multitude of support systems to ensure a prosperous foray into the business. Foodbox.com equips franchise owners with an extensive training program (Foodbox University); various marketing tools, consisting of layouts and design templates for advertising materials needed to market Foodbox; software solutions and round-the-clock-support.

With an increasing interest in consumer takeout and delivery options, Foodbox.com is in place to become a necessity in a world where convenience and efficiency are staples. Now is the time to become a part of this incredible business opportunity. To learn more about becoming a Foodbox.com franchise owner, please visit the website at www.foodbox.com.

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