Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Maritza Marengo

It’s a rare event when one figures out their future career path at a very early age. When someone realizes their destiny early on and they work feverishly to obtain that goal. Such is the case with fashion designer Maritza Marengo. By the age of ten, Maritza had already completed two sketchbooks filled with innovative designs that belied her years.
Maritza received her first sewing machine at 15, after having already showed an aptitude for the trade in her sewing classes in school. Her mother served as her first muse and model.

Enrolled at Luis Munoz Rivera Vocational High School in Utuado Puerto Rico, she studied industrial sewing for three years before she started her college career in Fashion at the Liceo de Arte y Tecnologia, where she graduated with honors.

Upon graduation, Maritza wasted no time and landed a coveted position at the prestigious Lindissima Shops in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she worked as a tailor. Her clientele ranged from celebrities to the general public and in this high profile environment, it wasn’t long before she was offered a spot with the renowned bridal boutique, Viana.

Maritza eventually moved to New York City where she enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and graduated with honors. While at FIT, she created an award-winning evening gown that was inspired by the late entertainer, Josephine Baker.

Maritza’s expertise and keen eye for detail can be seen in her M² Evening collection, featuring classic and sophisticated designs with fabrics and colors that elicit thoughts of fall. M² Evening is a mix of sexy, alluring gowns that are ultra feminine and chic. In addition to M² Evening, the Maritza Marengo couture line offers elegant, unique designs for the confident woman who likes to stand out in a crowd.

To view Maritza Marengo’s designs, visit www.maritzamarengo.com.

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