Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Ft. Lauderdale, FL—New designer, Alicia Sanchez hits the fashion scene with her new line Favala. Her line is fresh and hip with many inspirations taken from all spectrums of fashion- from funk to street to Caribbean flavors. Favala allows you to bring out your own personal style without breaking the bank.

Embracing her Dominican heritage, Alicia Sanchez incorporates many vibrant colors and unique designs to her new line. Alicia has lived in many places and expresses it through her cultural experiences and her Latin roots, which can all be seen. Her designs are basic with the focus on the fabrics with bright colors; they might not represent fashion trends but when someone wears Favala they’re left feeling passionate and unique.

Each piece is hand-stitched and not manufactured to ensure the perfect fit and right look; which makes each piece a Favala original meaning hardly any duplicates and the chance to be set apart from the rest of the crowd! Everyone should be able to rock his or her own look without spending a fortune. Mrs. Sachez’s designs include accessories as well that will top off any look!

Alicia is not your ordinary designer as this designer doesn’t design by the book, but rather by her own ideas and she lets her passion guide her. She designs for those who want to keep it real and don’t let the trends dictate their style. Hitting the runway at this year’s Washington D.C. Fashion Week will be Favala; showcasing the unique, colorful, and full of energy designs. There’s no stopping this collection, as this is only the beginning!

For more information on Favala visit her website at www.favaladesigns.com.

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