Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Ft. Lauderdale, FL ― Stylist and fashion aficionado Shaun Gannon has always had an eye for style and her indelible passion for the industry has now led this budding, young entrepreneur to start her own business. Gannon recently founded Wild on Style Image Consulting out of Ft. Lauderdale and the number one goal of her company is to help her clients polish their existing wardrobe as well as choose new additions that best fit their personality, lifestyle and aspirations, all the while increasing their overall confidence.

Despite her young age, Gannon has already racked up a an incredible resume and has had numerous adventures and experiences in the fashion world that have brought her in contact with some of Hollywood’s most notable celebrities such as Jenifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Lenny Kravitz, Jamie Foxx, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Shaq and Shaunie O’Neal, Donna Karan, Nikki Hilton, and Deco Drive’s Lynn Martinez. While attending Miami International University of Art and Design, she interned with high-profile designer, Norma Kamali and had the invaluable opportunity to shadow Kamali’s personal shoppers and learn from them.

Gannon’s love for fashion began early in her life. She did some modeling and runway work in her teens and discovered her knack for taking charge behind the scenes when she began coordinating and accessorizing looks for the shows. Upon graduation from M.I.U., she worked for some of the finest, high-end retail stores in south Florida and then went on to serve as the Fashion Editor for Miami’s Dluxe Magazine.

“My mission with Wild on Style is to enrich my clients lives and provide them with a new sense of self empowerment by giving them the essentials they need to create fabulous looks on a daily basis,” explains Gannon.

According to Gannon, the role of a style consultant is to update wardrobes; keep the client apprised of the latest designers and trends; offer unique, one-of-a-kind pieces of apparel that clients would not otherwise know about; inform and educate as to how to dress according to body type and what color, cut and style looks best.

“My services enrich the client’s lives by giving them a newfound confidence level, a sense of self-assuredness. It gives them a sense of empowerment and the essentials they need to create fabulous looks on a daily basis,” replies Gannon when asked why it is so important to hire an image and style consultant.

Wild on Style’s full array of services include the following:
One-on-one consultations
· Customized style assessment
· Closet editing
· Measurements
· Pre-consulting pictures
· Image goals and objectives
Image Consulting Services
· Individualized image profile
· Up-to-the-minute trend & style forecast
· Wardrobe selection by fashion insider
· Image polishing & styling
· Digital lookbook/Post-consulting picture
Additional Services
· Personal shopping – special clothing needs, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers and special events.
· In-house wardrobe coordination
· Red Carpet transformations
· Beauty/Skin services
Shaun Gannon is definitely one to watch for in the south Florida fashion scene and beyond. This emerging fashionista is undoubtedly blazing a trail to national acclaim and success. To schedule a personal consultation or to learn more about Wild on Style, please visit the website at www.wildonstyle.com.


The Rap/Hip Hop world should brace itself. Status and Ni$e, up and coming recording artists, are on the verge of bursting onto the scene with their catchy hooks and infectious beats. The pair has been working hard to perfect their sound and is groomed and ready for inevitable success.

Having spent most of their formative years in South Florida and overcoming the trials and tribulations of the inner city, the two joined forces after meeting at Miami Union Academy, where they attended high school.

Status’ sole source of motivation comes from the birth of his son, Justin and his desire to provide a comfortable, secure life for his family and closest friends while Ni$e, originally from Brooklyn, New York, is in pursuit of becoming a successful businessman and entertainer. A shared passion for rap music joined the two and together they are striving to achieve their goals.

Status and Ni$e, with their diverse musical tastes, are on a fervent mission to bring to the industry their delectable sound that is reminiscent of the old school style back when music was good. This ambitious duo is already creating a buzz and they are the ones to watch as they make their way onto the Rap charts.


For Immediate Release – Native Cleveland, Ohio artists Rick Sans and Sergio Andujar have teamed up and are now the proud designers of a new and exciting clothing line called Sans Oceana – meaning with or without water. Incorporating street art style with cultural undertones, Sans Oceana is the newest creation in art and wear.

While working in retail Sans and Andujar came up with the idea of incorporating graffiti and fashion into one brand. In 2005 Sans Oceana was implemented and a few months later it all hit true to Sans and Andujar as they received various endorsements from many including nationally acclaimed DJ’s and promoters which gave Sans Oceana the credibility needed making the clothes available in various boutiques around the nation.

Rick Sans grew up in a military family, spending part of his childhood near Lake Erie and the ocean. His aquatic themes and conscious reflects in the Sans Oceana line. “Pursuing a life of art with a sense of business has its challenges,” says Sans, “but it’s very fulfilling.”

Andujar has years of experience in the art industry and is currently working toward a degree in animation. He is heavily influenced by Japanese, Hawaiian and Hispanic culture, with a main focus on water. “Water is the basic element of life.” he says. “No matter what state it is in, its composition remains the same. I too am constantly changing, hard as ice, soft as gas, or just liquid. I am always finding the path to move forward.”

Sans Oceana is already being hailed as one of the most innovative in the industry with creative prints and exotic colors. Sans Oceana is a line that’s here to stay for generations to come and destined to become the next international fashion name! For more information visit www.sansoceana.com.


Body-sculpting genius, entrepreneur, world-famous model, and published poet― just a few of the many labels one can apply when describing Peter Maneos. The fitness authority has been making waves in the industry for quite some time now, and he is only gaining more and more momentum.

The recent release of his new arm workout on DVD (2007) is the first in what he hopes will become an entire five-part series that will cover the entire body. With the launch of www.fitnessworkoutsinc.com, Maneos and his business partner, Alex Daley, are on track to become giants in the arena of men’s fitness.

Maneos first gained celebrity status when he appeared in the Abercrombie and Fitch quarterly publication. He eventually went on to land numerous spots in various fitness magazines such as Men’s Exercise, International Male, and BodyBodyWear, just to name a few. Not to discount his intellectual accomplishments, this University of Miami graduate, with a degree in English Literature, can truly be considered a renaissance man with two published works showcasing collections of his poetry.

For the time being, Maneos stays concentrated on his passion for fitness and is hard at work completing his DVD set and building a successful business in personal training. Based out of Boca Raton, FL, the National Academy of Health and Fitness certified trainer is one to watch on the international fitness scene.

For more information on Peter Maneos’ current and upcoming workout DVDs or for personal training inquiries, visit the website www.fitnessworkoutsinc.com.

Maritza Marengo

It’s a rare event when one figures out their future career path at a very early age. When someone realizes their destiny early on and they work feverishly to obtain that goal. Such is the case with fashion designer Maritza Marengo. By the age of ten, Maritza had already completed two sketchbooks filled with innovative designs that belied her years.
Maritza received her first sewing machine at 15, after having already showed an aptitude for the trade in her sewing classes in school. Her mother served as her first muse and model.

Enrolled at Luis Munoz Rivera Vocational High School in Utuado Puerto Rico, she studied industrial sewing for three years before she started her college career in Fashion at the Liceo de Arte y Tecnologia, where she graduated with honors.

Upon graduation, Maritza wasted no time and landed a coveted position at the prestigious Lindissima Shops in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she worked as a tailor. Her clientele ranged from celebrities to the general public and in this high profile environment, it wasn’t long before she was offered a spot with the renowned bridal boutique, Viana.

Maritza eventually moved to New York City where she enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and graduated with honors. While at FIT, she created an award-winning evening gown that was inspired by the late entertainer, Josephine Baker.

Maritza’s expertise and keen eye for detail can be seen in her M² Evening collection, featuring classic and sophisticated designs with fabrics and colors that elicit thoughts of fall. M² Evening is a mix of sexy, alluring gowns that are ultra feminine and chic. In addition to M² Evening, the Maritza Marengo couture line offers elegant, unique designs for the confident woman who likes to stand out in a crowd.

To view Maritza Marengo’s designs, visit www.maritzamarengo.com.


New York City, N.Y.─ Dealing with the loss of a loved one is perhaps one of the toughest things in life to overcome and sometimes the best form of therapy can arise from expressing ones feelings artistically through words or drawings. The Good Grief Journal Project is a promising new venture currently in the works that is meant to provide that outlet for both contributors and readers alike. The Good Grief Journal Project is appropriately sponsored by Memory-of.com, a website dedicated to helping others heal and providing comfort after the passing of beloved family and friends.

While still in its initial stages, the first step in the process will be the distribution of about 100 journals to individuals throughout the world, even reaching out to celebrities, requesting that they contribute to the journal by recounting their experience in dealing with the death of someone close to them. The Good Grief Journal Project website, which is still under construction until early 2008, will allow a limited group of individuals the opportunity to sign up to add an entry to the journal.

Contributions may be submitted in the form of a journal entry, a poem, a drawing, a letter, a painting or a photo and each participant is allowed up to five pages and one week to complete their portion at which point the journal is sent on to the next person willing to share. Contributors are encouraged to relate their story however they feel most comfortable and can even do so anonymously.

As the journal moves along, more of the journal is filled and more stories are shared until the journal is completed and sent back to the Memory-of.com team for archiving.

“With words and art we are looking to help people grieve one journal at a time,” says Manager of Operations, Leigh Keating of the blossoming project.

The Good Grief Journal Project has yet to sign a publisher but several high profile companies have expressed interest and are willing to back the venture. A television pilot with TLC is also in development.

Please visit the website at www.waitingforurl.com or contact Leigh Keating at 646.723.4668 with any sponsorship inquiries or if you wish to become involved in this extraordinary project by submitting a journal contribution.


New York, NY― Meeting your future mate online is becoming more and more the norm in today’s society. It was only a matter of time before the latest advances in modern technology would become necessary to keep these sites competitive. Enter LineUpNewYork.com, the latest and most innovative in a slew of websites dedicated to meeting “The One”.

Set to revolutionize the world of on-line soul searching with its user-friendly approach, LineUpNewYork.com, is positioned as a web-dating “aggregator”, opening up the choices available to the user by performing an extensive search of the hundreds of current sites and displaying the best results found on each one.

Serving as the new standard for this category, Line Up New York is creating quite a buzz in the cyber world. Featured in the DemoPit at the 2007 Techcrunch40 conference, the dotcom startup company received acclaim for their technological advances made in this particular industry.

With further technological research in the works and an upcoming launch planned for the New York area, the site is expected to branch out in larger cities throughout the United States soon.

For more information, visit the website at www.LineUpNewYork.com.

Jonathan Scott Photography

Financial analyst turned wedding photojournalist; Jonathan Scott has certainly found his niche in the competitive sea of wedding photographers. His intuitive approach imbues his subjects with a unique and magical suspension-in-time quality.

Jonathan’s method breaks from standard wedding photography, which tends to be formulaic in nature, and provides his clients with an “intuitive” and “personality driven” style to capture the “atmosphere” of a wedding to tell his clients individual story. His philosophy is that each wedding has an exclusive rhythm; a pattern of energy that is defined by the personalities present. His game plan is to record the day’s events as they naturally occur, unobtrusively and without manipulation to capture his subjects in their most candid state. Jonathan also breaks from tradition in the design his clients’ wedding albums diligently incorporating their tastes and sentimentality to ensure a personalized display of memories that will be as moving in 20 years and they are today.

Jonathan offers classes once a month for amateur photographers who would like real world lessons in the use of SLR cameras.

Based out of Boca Raton, Florida, Jonathan serves as a member of the Wedding and Portrait Photographer International (WPPI), the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA). Recently, he received the honor of being chosen as “The Knot Best of Weddings Pick 2007” in the photographer category by The Knot Magazine readers. He was also recently asked to be on Grace Ormonde Wedding Style’s Platinum List.

For more information go to www.jspstudio.com or call 561.750.7006.


Deerfield Beach, FL ― Three friends with a passion for design spotted an old chair by the dumpster one day and rather than pass it by without a thought, they were hit with inspiration, marking the creation of Homeless Design Lab. This fledgling company founded by Lucia, Ricki and Arnold is based on the familiar adage “one man’s trash is another’s treasure” and the threesome is using their creativity and design skills to breathe new life into tossed pieces of furniture.

The members of the Homeless Design Lab team, each with a very different perspective on design, decided to form the company after noticing how many pieces of furniture are thrown away. The group carefully selects each piece of homeless furniture by its look and the piece is then taken to the “Lab” to be refinished and reupholstered with high quality materials.

For now, a small patio serves as their lab and the launching ground for their artistic experiments. No two pieces are alike and the team is very perceptive, allowing the furniture to somehow tell them which direction to follow with each design.

Not quite ready for the large-scale retail scene, but well on their way, the Homeless Design Lab creators are putting their big ideas in motion and invite furniture enthusiasts along for the ride to enjoy their future innovations and progress. In the world of furniture design, this up and coming company is definitely one to watch for.


Boca Raton, FL ― Foodbox.com is the latest business idea to hit south Florida that is taking the convenience of the technology age to the next level. With Foodbox, ordering take-out has never been easier and now the team is in search of a few driven, business-minded individuals interested in making the most of this incredible concept. Foodbox.com is seemingly tailor-made for the up-and-coming generation of recent college graduates with keen computer and internet knowledge, ready to gain real-life experience by getting the chance to run their own business.

The superior technology and software involved in Foodbox.com is certainly enough to get this business off the ground, but it’s the service provided to a busy, on-the-go customer base that puts Foodbox.com in the position for success. Lewis Lurie, founder and creator of Foodbox believes that the online meal delivery service presents the perfect business opportunity, especially for the young, ambitious college graduate with an entrepreneurial spirit and technological know-how.

The proposed concept is simple: partnering with restaurants within a set territory, based on zip code, and providing a no-fuss/no-hassle, convenient online take-out system. Ideal for the workplace or for busy parents who need quick and easy mealtime ideas, the Foodbox.com platform is based on providing an effective, user-friendly service to consumers which, in turn, creates the perfect opportunity for success for potential franchisees.

The completely turn-key business model, paired with the convenience of working virtually from a home office, allows franchisees to take part in the next exciting step - growing Foodbox territories exponentially throughout the country over the next few years.

After taking the first few easy steps to determine whether or not Foodbox is the right fit for the possible franchisee, the company then offers the franchisee a multitude of support systems to ensure a prosperous foray into the business. Foodbox.com equips franchise owners with an extensive training program (Foodbox University); various marketing tools, consisting of layouts and design templates for advertising materials needed to market Foodbox; software solutions and round-the-clock-support.

With an increasing interest in consumer takeout and delivery options, Foodbox.com is in place to become a necessity in a world where convenience and efficiency are staples. Now is the time to become a part of this incredible business opportunity. To learn more about becoming a Foodbox.com franchise owner, please visit the website at www.foodbox.com.


Ft. Lauderdale, FL—New designer, Alicia Sanchez hits the fashion scene with her new line Favala. Her line is fresh and hip with many inspirations taken from all spectrums of fashion- from funk to street to Caribbean flavors. Favala allows you to bring out your own personal style without breaking the bank.

Embracing her Dominican heritage, Alicia Sanchez incorporates many vibrant colors and unique designs to her new line. Alicia has lived in many places and expresses it through her cultural experiences and her Latin roots, which can all be seen. Her designs are basic with the focus on the fabrics with bright colors; they might not represent fashion trends but when someone wears Favala they’re left feeling passionate and unique.

Each piece is hand-stitched and not manufactured to ensure the perfect fit and right look; which makes each piece a Favala original meaning hardly any duplicates and the chance to be set apart from the rest of the crowd! Everyone should be able to rock his or her own look without spending a fortune. Mrs. Sachez’s designs include accessories as well that will top off any look!

Alicia is not your ordinary designer as this designer doesn’t design by the book, but rather by her own ideas and she lets her passion guide her. She designs for those who want to keep it real and don’t let the trends dictate their style. Hitting the runway at this year’s Washington D.C. Fashion Week will be Favala; showcasing the unique, colorful, and full of energy designs. There’s no stopping this collection, as this is only the beginning!

For more information on Favala visit her website at www.favaladesigns.com.


New York City, N.Y. ― Emerging style icon, David A. McKnight, is ready to take his new style and image consulting company, DAMstyle to the next level and with the help of Jordana PR International, he is expected to go world wide in 2008. The two companies celebrated their recent signing at a celebrity bash hosted by VH-1’s America’s Most Smartest Model finalist, Jeff Pickel, in New York City on Monday, January 21. Jordana PR, based out of south Florida, was recently rated Fastest Growing Public Relations Agency by S.F.N.E. Magazine.

McKnight launched his budding company in the spring of 2007 and has enjoyed amazing success. He was recently chosen to serve as a production assistant and stylist for Couture Fashion Week (Feb. 8-10) in New York City and he is excited about an upcoming partnership with a well-known non-profit organization that provides career styling and consulting for the less fortunate.

The impressive list of sponsors for the event included the following: Gallery Bar, Tribeca Grand Hotel, Hotel Mela, Starr African Rum, Bawls Energy Drink, LineUpNewYork.com, NYC men’s boutique 20 Peacocks and S.F.N.E. Magazine. Some up and coming designers lent pieces from their latest collections which were featured and used by McKnight to style a few of the party’s VIP guests. McKnight used designs from the Michael Andrews Bespoke line, unique and feminine knits from Krelwear (Miami) and dresses from the M² Couture Collection by Maritza Marengo (New York).

The soiree was attended by over 300 people and was covered by members of the media and press. The fashionable crowd mixed and mingled at chic lounge, Gallery Bar and were treated to a few exciting first-time, exclusive announcements. Pickel, revealed that he will be starring in an upcoming VH-1 celebreality television show currently in development. Additionally, Jordana Engholm, owner and president of Jordana PR, announced her new column set to run monthly in S.F.N.E. Magazine in which she’ll address the latest trends in public relations.

For more information about DAMstyle or Jordana PR, please visit their websites at www.damstyle.com or www.jordanapr.com.


Wellington, FL ― Seasoned stylist Claudia Diesti has become well known in and around Palm Beach County, and her talent coupled with years of intense education has catapulted her to near stardom status in the area, as well as the industry of hair design as a whole. This successful stylist is one of the most sought after in south Florida and her extensive education and background give her the clearance to carry a $120 price tag for a designer cut and style and no shortage of eager clients lining up for her services.

The Columbian-born stylist is one in a handful in the U.S. trained in “Symmetrical Ambidextrous Cutting” and is an American Board Certified Colorist, having trained with some of the best in the industry. Her focus has been on educating herself to the fullest extent and giving her clients the satisfaction of leaving the salon with an up-to-date, fashionable cut that suits them perfectly. Claudia spent many years traveling the globe, working and training in destinations such as Toronto, London, New York, Milan and Taiwan, with the likes of Martin Parsons, Redken, Paul Mitchell and L’Oreal Professionnel’s Emmy award winner, Jo Blackwell.

With all of her credentials and experience, Claudia Diesti has yet another side that sets her apart from most in the business. Having spent years in a physically and emotionally abusive marriage, Claudia came to the United States with a dream to live a life opposite of that which she had become accustomed to in her hometown of Bogotá. She is currently active with CUT-IT-OUT, an organization comprised of salons and stylists taking a stand against domestic violence and abuse. Helping other women deal with these issues will be her greatest accomplishment and she is proud to be an inspiration and mentor, both personally and professionally.

Claudia Diesti can be found at The Spa at Wellington on the Green, where she has been styling her loyal following for the past three years. To make an appointment with this in-demand artist, please contact her at 561.964.9266.

Beverly Hills Polo Club

Casual yet elegant…stylish and classic with an updated contemporary feel synonymous with the California lifestyle, Beverly Hills Polo Club has been a fashion tradition since 1981.

The prestigious Beverly Hills Polo Club sports team, founded in the early 20th century, served as inspiration to two Los Angeles students in search of a means to fund their college education. Entrepreneurial wheels were set into motion when they realized the potential in marketing a line of affordable and comfortable sweatshirts and t-shirts under the well-known brand.

By 1983, the line was in such popular demand, a full line of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing had been developed. Beverly Hills Polo Club is one of the leading brands in the United States and has gained international awareness operating in excess of 100 countries along with stand-alone retail shops in Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East. It’s distinctive logo, featuring the polo horse and rider, is widely recognizable throughout the world.

With retail sales of over $500 million annually in the United States alone, Beverly Hills Polo Club now features a full range of luxury fashion accessories to accompany its sportswear line and complement the coveted California lifestyle image.

For more information, please visit the Beverly Hills Polo Club website at www.bhpc.com.


Jamaica Estates, N.Y.― Ben-Ric Furs has been making a name for itself since forging onto the New York fashion scene in 1952. Having secured a loyal following, they continue to thrive in the industry with out-of-box designs and one-of-a-kind customized pieces.

Operating out of Jamaica Estates, N.Y., the furrier is proud to serve a database of 5,000 repeat clients with over 2,000 clients in the Manhattan area alone. With their amazing creations, both classic and unconventional, patrons are more than willing to make the drive from Westchester, Manhattan and New Jersey to obtain unique, dazzling pieces from the Ben-Ric collection.

Ben-Ric was purchased by Jerry Cola following the retirement of original founder, Ben Pollack in 1990. With the passing of Mr. Cola in 2002, his fashion-forward wife, Jackie Cola was left at the helm of this burgeoning empire.

Jackie’s mission is to present modern, stylish garments that meet today’s lifestyles while deviating from the kind of coat that might be considered “your grandmother’s mink”.

Jackie’s belief is that “Fur, like all fashion, has evolved to fit today’s successful and active woman”. The outerwear reflects the attitude of that woman who is modern, independent, successful and vibrant.

Ben-Ric Furs features mink, shearling, sable, chinchilla and reversible fur garments. Any garment purchased at Ben Ric will have the look and feel of custom made. Ben Ric Furs has one of the largest, on premises, fur storage capabilities in New York, storing over 10,000 garments. Cleanings, repairs and remodels are done on premises. With 55 years in business, Ben Ric Furs has established itself as a strong force in the fur industry.

To find your way into a luxurious fur from Ben-Ric, please call 718.454.0320 or e-mail benricfurs@yahoo.com.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Miami, FL ―  Knitwear has never been so sexy. Miami fashion designer Karelle Levy infuses a hot and trendy spin into KRELwear, her ready-to-wear collection comprised of uniform colors and minimal construction techniques. The simple, yet intriguing pieces are interchangeable and convertible. It’s entirely by design that a single piece can be worn as a sleeveless top during the day and an alluring miniskirt by night.

Seemingly woven into her knits is Levy’s bohemian, artistic style. Her garments come together in what she calls a “toobular” fashion, using few or no seams in her knitting technique.  

“Living garments, embracing flaws - let it run,” are just a few key phrases she uses to describe her work and the mindset behind it.

Launched in 2003, KRELwear has quickly become a staple in the sizzling Miami fashion scene. Her designs have won her accolades within the fashion industry including being named the esteemed Gen Art “Fresh Face in Fashion” award in 2004. Levy was also honored and thrilled to bring the KRELwear line to the runway at LA Fashion Week in the fall 2007.

KRELwear is becoming a formidable brand and Levy has had the pleasure of designing for several notable celebrity clients including Alanis Morrisette, Cristina Ricci, Carmen Electra, Pink, Cameron Diaz, Hilary Duff, Fergie and the Pussycat Dolls. Popular retailer Sunglass Hut used one of KRELwear’s swimsuits in a recent national ad campaign and the line has been featured in WWD, Lucky, Soma and Ocean Drive.

Levy’s much anticipated upcoming spring line promises to be worth the wait. To get more information about KRELwear or to purchase items from this glamorous collection, please visit the website at www.krelwear.com or call (305) 576-7465. 

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Leon, Guanajuato Mexico ―  Designer of fine, high-quality men’s leather goods, Geno D’Lucca recently splashed onto the fashion scene and his much anticipated line is expected to be the next big thing in men’s fashion and accessories. A descendant of a long line of Italian shoe manufacturers, D’ Lucca has spent a good part of the last two decades honing his craft. Currently residing in Mexico, his work takes on the rustic feel of his surroundings. 

D’Lucca’s colorful background offers more than enough to serve as inspiration for his work. While in his teens, he truly lived the life of a rock star, forming the rock band Regazza while also doing free style stunts on dirt and motocross bikes. It was during this time, that he took his first steps into the world of fashion when he began designing shoes   for the family business.

Recently, D’Lucca has expanded that family business into a full line of premium men’s accessories which includes wallets, belts, bags, journals, sandals and bracelets. Traces of his youthful experiences are infused into his collection with edgy, unique pieces from the designer’s creative mind. His use of distressed leather is a departure from the traditional and reflects the cool, stylish trends of today.

A former designer for both Diesel and Replay, D’Lucca’s keen attention to detail has earned him accolades from several top names in the fashion industry. His line has already received such great attention and he plans to introduce a women’s line of accessories to include handbags and belts late this summer.

Currently, Geno D’Lucca merchandise can be found at better department stores throughout the United States and Mexico and will be available in upscale boutiques later this spring.  For more information about the Geno D’Lucca brand, please visit the website at www.genodlucca.com.

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Revolutionizing the Fried Food Industry


Rio Grande do Sol, Brazil ―  Bio+Leve, a brand new, revolutionary flour product, is in position to hit the market and completely change the way that we look at fried foods. After four years of extensive laboratory research and testing at Brazil’s Universidad Federal de Santa Maria, scientists are now ready to introduce this wonder product that actually reduces fat absorption in fried foods by 60%.

The cutting-edge Bio+Leve was developed as a result of various experiments with flour, which were initially intended as a means to feed children in underserved communities. Scientists discovered that physically modifying rice flour combined with wheat flour, under certain circumstances and in the right proportions, could create a product that is identical to pure wheat flour in texture, smell and taste. Perhaps the greatest quality of this seemingly magical combination is that it is 100% natural with NO chemicals added.

“When comparison tested, Bio+Leve was unanimously preferred over traditional flour. Our product actually proved to be crispier and lighter tasting,” said Bio+Leve Managing Member, Liliane Menezes.

Bio+Leve was tested and used to make donuts, churros and other foods made with fried dough and managed to produce the same amazing, great tasting, healthy results. It has been approved by the FDA, is internationally patented and the company owns the exclusive rights to the brand in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and South America.

The team at Bio+Leve has already started introducing the product to industry giants and so far they have received an enormous amount of interest and acceptance. It’s only a matter of time before Bio+Leve will be on grocery shelves finally making it possible to enjoy some of our favorite baked goods and fried foods without guilt.

“With more innovative products in development, this is only the beginning,” says Menezes, hinting that there is more in store from her group when it comes to enjoying tasty treats while still remaining health conscious.

For more information on Bio+Leve, please email info@bioleve.com. The Bio+Leve website (Bioleve.com) is currently under construction and will be up soon.

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