Friday, November 30, 2007

Hottest Fitness Wear Designer in the Scene

Silhouette Active Wear― Celebrating the Shape of a Woman


Greenvale, New York― Women like to feel and look good when they work out and there’s a lot to be said about the correlation between appealing fitness gear and the motivation to head to the gym. One look at Natasha Hazan and it’s evident that she has an innate understanding of this concept.

The Brazilian designer embodies the fundamental mission of her active wear line, Silhouette, which is specifically designed for the sophisticated and health conscious woman who takes pride in her appearance. Providing comfort and confidence whether they’re strolling on the beach or exercising intensely, Silhouette celebrates the shape and curves of every woman. The overall tone of Natasha’s designs arouses a sense of playfulness and sensuality that is indicative of the Brazilian lifestyle.

Natasha aims to bring to women, a durable, quality product using the finest materials such as high-tech Santa Constancia Supplex, to achieve breathable garments that won’t fade or lose their shape. Silhouette’s “One Size Fits All” molds to fit any shape (sizes 2-12) but also recognizes that not every body is the same, offering the opportunity to customize a piece with options such as different colors or the addition of a strap.

The alluring pieces made their debut on the runway this fall at Seattle Fashion Week ’07, but Natasha has been on the scene for some time having participated in numerous Shecky’s Night Out events as well as presenting in trunk shows on a daily basis at Equinox Fitness Centers throughout New York.

Silhouette also serves as the US representative for Banco de Areia, a top Brazilian beachwear line. For more information about this or Silhouette active wear, visit the website at

Jordana PR - Here to Stay!

Local PR Firm Offers International Savvy

Immediate Release

November 29th, 2007 – With a mission to expand the “public” in public relations, Jordana PR International, Inc. is the latest PR firm to hit the south Florida scene. Based in Boca Raton, the firm specializes in presenting the message of businesses, both small and large, to the global community.  Fluent in 6 languages, founder Jordana Engholm, 27, spearheads the firm’s efforts to reach wider audiences with creative and energetic strategies.

Jordana’s experience as the public relations director for some of fashion and design’s top names, like Porsche Design and Nina Ricci, granted her the opportunity to further hone her marketing and PR skills throughout the United States. Having also traveled the world extensively, Jordana used her connections and background to form Jordana PR International, Inc. in 2004.  Her fresh ideas coupled with her worldly knowledge have made her a force to be reckoned with in this field.

“Most small businesses have great ideas and a great product, but they don’t know how to communicate with the international community.” With her personal “quick coffee” meetings, Jordana helps the business owner determine how to best showcase their offerings around the globe. Fluent in Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, English and Hebrew and with over 3,000 media contacts in China, Italy, France, Brazil and the United States, she reaches out to the world market with a personal touch and her signature sassy smile.   

Jordana and her energetic staff apply their talent and charisma to a wide variety of events and marketing avenues. Currently involved in fashion week in New York, London and Seattle, other specialties include movie premieres and trunk shows. No event is beyond the sights of this forward-looking team. Jordana PR International, Inc. uses cutting-edge marketing research, persistence and style to set them apart from older, more traditional firms. 

“We create out-of-the-box marketing initiatives, bringing the latest trends to every marketing strategy.” With a second location planned for the west coast next year, Jordana PR International, Inc. is growing fast. Business owners are realizing that delivering their message to a wider public greatly affects their success. With Jordana and her team, that message will be in a language they can understand! 

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Jordana PR International, Inc.