Tuesday, March 4, 2008


New York City, N.Y.─ Dealing with the loss of a loved one is perhaps one of the toughest things in life to overcome and sometimes the best form of therapy can arise from expressing ones feelings artistically through words or drawings. The Good Grief Journal Project is a promising new venture currently in the works that is meant to provide that outlet for both contributors and readers alike. The Good Grief Journal Project is appropriately sponsored by Memory-of.com, a website dedicated to helping others heal and providing comfort after the passing of beloved family and friends.

While still in its initial stages, the first step in the process will be the distribution of about 100 journals to individuals throughout the world, even reaching out to celebrities, requesting that they contribute to the journal by recounting their experience in dealing with the death of someone close to them. The Good Grief Journal Project website, which is still under construction until early 2008, will allow a limited group of individuals the opportunity to sign up to add an entry to the journal.

Contributions may be submitted in the form of a journal entry, a poem, a drawing, a letter, a painting or a photo and each participant is allowed up to five pages and one week to complete their portion at which point the journal is sent on to the next person willing to share. Contributors are encouraged to relate their story however they feel most comfortable and can even do so anonymously.

As the journal moves along, more of the journal is filled and more stories are shared until the journal is completed and sent back to the Memory-of.com team for archiving.

“With words and art we are looking to help people grieve one journal at a time,” says Manager of Operations, Leigh Keating of the blossoming project.

The Good Grief Journal Project has yet to sign a publisher but several high profile companies have expressed interest and are willing to back the venture. A television pilot with TLC is also in development.

Please visit the website at www.waitingforurl.com or contact Leigh Keating at 646.723.4668 with any sponsorship inquiries or if you wish to become involved in this extraordinary project by submitting a journal contribution.

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